Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Projection" illustrated

Years ago, on another blog, there was a discussion (or two) about gun rights.  One anonymous fellow got bent totally out of shape when it became obvious he didn't have a clue.

In the years since, he feels a compulsion to respond to almost all of my comments on that blog.  Always anonymously, and always... well, read for yourself:
"I'd have thought you would've blown your brains out by now, Kent - after killing a bunch of other people first, of course."
I have taken to calling him "Anonymous Fan Boy", but he used a "different" spelling that time, so I replied "Oh how cute! My little fan boy changed his name!"

To which he responded:
"You poor schmuck. Just go on that killing spree already, just make sure you do remember to turn the gun on yourself."
I see him as a perfect illustration of the mental problem so common among anti-liberty bigots: projection.

He says I am too violent, evil, and (apparently) psychotic to own guns (which he probably believes only belong in the hands of enforcers), yet  I am not the violent or hateful one.  His words speak for themselves.  He seems to think I am as hateful and violent as he is, so "obviously" I would go on a killing spree.  He is probably genuinely disappointed I haven't.

He is probably a person who shouldn't own guns; although I would never advocate for any "law" forbidding him to.  I would simply expect him to be darwinized quickly in a world where behaviors have consequences.  On the other hand, perhaps he cowers in a dank basement somewhere, typing what he believes are impressive words, too afraid to venture out into the sunlight.

Between the two of us, which would you expect to be calm and polite around other people, respectful of their property, and friendly to strangers- and which of us would you expect to be flipping off drivers on the road, screaming at people for imagined disrespect, and kicking a kitten when no one is looking?

Wouldn't it be interesting to observe him for a while and see?



  1. Sorta reminds me of a fellow from this area. A State Senator named Landgrebe was arguing his point, and was confronted with a valid counterpoint, to which he responded,"Don't confuse me with the facts! My mind is made up!"
    Occasionally I fail to realize that some folks CANNOT think rationally.
    Paul K. Brubaker, Sr.

  2. Charles Schumer immediately comes to mind.

    Exactly that kind of abusive personality that demonizes anyone _else_ who would choose to have a firearm.