Thursday, May 30, 2013

Accommodating the Damaged Ones

Cops are such crybabies.

I am now expected to structure my life around the demands of these most broken, twisted, violent, and terrified individuals.  When society is fashioned for the convenience of the police, you have a police state- even before the brutality reaches a crescendo.

I have to remember they can do anything to me their paranoid little minds justify in the name of "officer safety".

I am expected to comply with their prying demands to know who I am, where I am going, and what my business is once I get there.

I am expected to switch lanes if I see one robbing a traveler on the side of the road, so as not to "endanger" the life of the distracted thief.

I am told to not carry a gun- or if I do, to drop it at the first fearful whimper of a LEO- because I "might want to kill the cop".  And why wouldn't I, under these conditions?

I am tired of being told I have to accommodate these broken, perverted individuals, and then fawn over their "service" and "sacrifice" to "society".

Screw that.



  1. Clarity in the midst of insanity, Kent.
    Thank you.

  2. One of the problems with anarchy is that every anarchist has his or her opinion of what it is and how it should work. The salvation of anarchy is that every anarchist has his or her opinion of what it is and how it should work. As soon as anyone delegates any of their personal authority to another, a Pandora's box is opened. But freedom only exists when we trust another to help us in our need. If that trust is betrayed, so be it. That is not the fault of the individual who needs help, that is the failing of the person who holds the power. - Paul K. Brubaker, Sr.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    If you have the choice, why would it matter what my opinion is? Only your opinion would matter to you.

    If you want to abrogate your decisions to another, that is no different than buying a book in the Self-Help section of the book store and following its instructions. Do you want to be prevented, by force, from doing so?

    Your objection stems from an inability to think for yourself.

  4. I had a terrifying dream before about"interviewed" by a whole slew of cops. They did me no real harm(it was after all a dream),
    but I remember the fear and apprehension quite clearly. I hope to God such a dream doesn't come true.

  5. AMEN, Kent. When we bow to them, we're making the same exact mistake the Germans did.