Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Death-by-Government Day

Or, should it be called "Dead Government-paid Murderer Day"?

I know that many people who were in the employ of the US government truly believed they were doing the right thing.  I know that a lot of people actually fall for the "they fought for our freedom" propaganda, and have a powerful desire to honor the dead for that reason.  I know I come off as a heartless monster for seeing it differently.

But, if you are in the military you are only fighting for one "cause": the power (and wealth) of those who run the mafia called the US government.  You are their pawn; their tool.  That you get angry at that revelation is proof of how effectively you have been brainwashed.

Your scars, your death, and your murders don't protect one single act of liberty.  No one is free to write even one anti-State phrase on the "government's invention" because of your sacrifice.  No one is able to carry a fully functional M16 onto a flight from Texas to DC because of your "service".  No one is allowed to drive across the country without having to possess a plastic national ID card because of those you killed.  No one is allowed to buy morphine for their cancer-stricken grandmother, over-the-counter in Walmart, because you were blown to bits in Iraq.  Your lost leg, shattered and bleeding in the hot sun beside some nameless dirt road in Afghanistan, doesn't buy the liberty to do one single thing.  Your dead "brothers" didn't accomplish anything that was worth losing their life for The State.

I realize it is hard to accept this when you have been told the lie all your life, and when you want so badly for all those who have died in the past to have not died in vain (or worse, in service of evil).

I'm sorry.

(Also, check this out.)


  1. Kent, what do you think about draft dodgers? I know they are scorned by those that were drafted and went to fight, but perhaps they made the better decision.

    Better to be labeled a coward than to march off to a war where no American should be.

  2. You might as well ask what I think about the slaves who escaped their captivity up until the 1860s- or those in Africa who escaped being captured and enslaved in the first place. Because conscription IS slavery.

    It isn't cowardice to keep your freedom, especially when you know the price will be high, it is bravery.

  3. What I find interestng is that the early Christian Church fathers--before Emperor Constitiine co-opted the Christian movement in the Third Century--said quite clearly that a Christian could not go to war and kill. Such behavior was not in line with Christ's teachings. Tellurius, I believe, told soldiers in the Roman army who converted to Christianity to leave the army or prepare to be crucified for refusing to go to war and kill. Now, after all these centuries of torturing and twisting and ignoring what Christ's message really was, soldiers and their families pray to God to protect them... while they are murdering others.

    Also, recommended reading is Albert Jay Nock's book, Our Enemy the State.

  4. I was a "draftee". I served nobody, as Hawk testifies above.

    If the psychopaths now palpitating and drooling for a return to their practice of enslaving youngsters to go to war, and my grandkids or great grandkids fall in line to be so enslaved, I'll try my best to take 'em to Argentina or some place where the evil claws of U.S. conscription won't reach. Not Canada -- those Canucks are cooperating with predators south of their "border" and forcing guys and gals back across to be crucified. No freedom up there.


  5. This column is so right!