Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The "only purpose" for cars...

The next time some foamy-mouthed anti-liberty bigot makes the standard claim that guns should be banned because "they only have one purpose: to KILL people!" I think I'll claim that cars only have one purpose: getting food at the drive-through.

That is just as "true" as the other claim.

I have used guns a fair amount, and I have never killed anyone.  Never even tried.  Yet, I don't have any trouble finding a "purpose" for my guns.

Or I could say a car's only purpose is to be a get-away vehicle after a hold-up.  Or as a teenager's motel room substitute.  Or as something to watch bikini-clad cheerleaders wash.

Of course, the argument that the "only purpose" for guns is to kill people is only believed by stupid people anyway, so the humor of claiming an "only purpose" for cars- whatever it might be- would go right over their heads.  It'll be fun to see the "mental" gymnastics performed by the anti-liberty bigot in response, though.


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