Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Who are you? Why are you shooting at me?"

If someone is shooting at you, it's not your responsibility or obligation to figure out why they are shooting, or who they are- you just need to shoot back.  Killing them is a good thing.  Unless you are the one trespassing or stealing.  But you wouldn't be doing that, would you?

Anyone wanting to prevent that by "law" or in any other way is NOT a friend of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.  They are a murderous monster.  Treat them as such.



  1. Rational people might _think_ that would be a no-brainer. Sadly, in New Hampshire, idiot legislators (but I repeat myself) are trying to repeal 'stand your ground' in favor of 'be faster than a speeding bullet' despite the inconvenient facts that the even the bill's sponsor can't cite a single case of 'stand your ground' being abused, and that a Nashua man successfully invoked 'stand your ground' after the police charged _him_ for brandishing a firearm to defend himself and a wounded friend from a violent mob.

    In Indiana, their Supreme Court ruled that c/i/t/i/z/e/n/s/ serfs have no right to defend themselves from illegal assaults by police (because your next of kin can sue after you're dead and somehow bring you back to life, apparently), sparking 'no-brainer' legislation to the contrary... which police unions naturally tried to fight.