Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Idiots vs Chewbacca

Idiots.  They are all around us.

I mention killing in self defense and one of them exposes himself right there in public.


Yeah, and I'm sure you were also taught that it is good to support "your government"- even to the point of going to war (and killing) if you are told to do so.  You were probably taught it is "bad" to "cheat on your taxes".  And that "the policeman is your friend".  You were taught a lot of crap that you should have tossed aside by now.

Instead you expose yourself as someone unable to rise above your indoctrination.  All over a story about the nasty and stupid TSA agents who tried to steal "Chewbacca's" light saber cane.

Oh, there was much more to the conversation that added up to my assessment of this guy.  I will say that my estimation of Peter Mayhew's chances of being a nice guy just went up considerably due to this imbecilic person saying he met him once and he wasn't very nice.  Seeing how this guy acts, how could a decent person be very nice toward him?


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