Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ignoramus on display- Constitutional oath version

Isn't the military in danger by allowing people this dumb in the "club"?  Isn't it a danger to America because of them?

I mean, not only does he seem to have no reading comprehension skills at all, but he seriously seems to believe that taking an oath to the Constitution means he is obligated by that oath to violate every single thing in that Constitution.  And, somehow, he equates obeying his oath with doing the bidding of the very puppeticians who fear those who would take the oath seriously.  He doesn't understand that he is taking the side of those he pretends to oppose!  Ignorance this monumental is stunning and frightening!

Sorry, but since the Snowden whistle-blower case became news I have seen example after example of "military patriots" spouting similar nonsense.

Are the flying drones really a greater threat than the meat drones?


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