Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mutually exclusive things shoved into one tight box...

From a letter to the editor in Guns magazine, December 2011:

"...a publication whose content has historically been conservative, honest, pro-American, pro-military, pro-Constitution, and pro-Second Amendment."

Sorry, but two of those things are irreconcilable with the others.  You can't be "conservative"* or "pro-military" and be "pro-Constitution", much less "honest", "pro-American", and "pro-Second Amendment".  Not in the real world, anyway.

Of course, it is telling that the only reason the guy wrote in the first place was to complain that in one of the articles about a "shoot", the author had been "PC" by referring to "he/she"- the letter-writer doubted any women were even in attendance, much less actually shooting.  But, according to the reply by the author, women were there and were shooting.  So, there!

The troglodytes are still out there.  Waving (federal) flags and trying to stay blind and deaf.

(*Reminds me of something funny I read last week.  It said that "progressives" were always pushing to mess things up, and "conservatives" were afraid to fix the messes.  LOL!)


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