Sunday, June 16, 2013


I have long made a distinction between "The United States of America" (or "The United States"/"US"/"USA", as it is called) and America.

America is the land, the people, the traditions, the ideals enshrined imperfectly in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.  America was to be an experiment in rightful liberty.  America is the potential good.

The United States is the "government"- the thugs, the politicians, the counterfeit laws, the militaristic Empire, the corruption, the "official secrets"- that currently infests America. The United States is everything evil that is now being done in the name of "America".

Some people angrily tell me I am wrong.  They say the two are the same thing.

OK.  So if they really are the same thing, let's just call it The United States of The United States, then.  Leave America out of it.

I still believe that The United States is the greatest threat America has ever faced, and in fact, America may have already been defeated.  Or driven underground.  All the things that make America America have been criminalized and portrayed as "potential terrorism".  America is being shoved aside to make room for The USA.  There is no room for liberty in The USA.

But, whether as "America", or something else, somewhere else, the ideals will survive.  Because right is stronger than evil.  Because Liberty is always right.  Because individuals are real, and coercive collectives are nothing but a gang of evil individuals, no matter what they call themselves.

From now on if I use the term "USA" I will mean "Universal Surveillance of Americans".  At least that's an accurate representation of the reality.



  1. I've referred to it as the National Socialist States of America (NSSA) for many years now. But that could also be the Union of Socialist States of America (USSA). ("Your papers, please, you must show me your papers!")

  2. "America" is, in part, a land mass, a visible, palpable object that can be readily identified. It includes no natural boundaries, walls, or restrictions on human movement and migration.

    The "US" is a political abstraction, only a reality in the minds of those accept it as such. This abstraction includes arbitrarily defined, geographical boundaries that separate those who are owned by this abstraction and those who aren’t. It is a DC enforced gulag.

    “America” is the land, the people, the culture, the IDEA of individual liberty and the pursuit of such an idea.

    The “US” is the demonic collective of nationalistic, bloodthirsty, psychopaths.