Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Self-incrimination in front of averted eyes

I can warn people every day of my life that cops are thugscum, but my words will usually make no difference to anyone.  Only cops can prove me right by their actions. And they do.  Daily, in spades.

So why are so many people still in denial?  I think it's because they are desperate to have heroes. They want someone to be their protector.  They manage to talk themselves into believing that everyone murdered, robbed, kidnapped, and caged by cops somehow deserved it.

They grew up being brainwashed that "The policeman is your friend" and it is hard to shake that programming even in the face of overwhelming, deadly, evidence to the contrary.

Cops have become their own worst enemy- they just haven't realized it yet.  And considering that a low IQ (along with a total lack of ethics, and aggressive psychological disorders) is now a requirement for the "job", I doubt they ever will.



  1. People keep trying to claim there are “good” cops. I always counter that the only “good” cops are either retired or dead. Even the nicest “good” cop is, at best, a thief. He participates in a protection racket that is financed at the point of a gun.

  2. Even ignoring the fact that taxation is theft (which should never be ignored), a "good cop" would not stand by and let the bad cops get away with what they are doing. He would be forced to "arrest" or shoot some bad cops. I don't see it happening so I don't believe in "good cops".

  3. I've written before - a good cop isn't merely one who doesn't abuse his job, a good cop actively arrests bad cops.

    Take the critical mass cycling event, when one cop pushed over a cyclist. The video showed two things - the cop who did the pushing, and the other cops who stood there doing nothing. Those other cops are also bad cops.

  4. Until one has personal, and direct contact with pigs, one always assumes the "perp" somehow deserved what he got.

  5. I've personally encountered cops over the years, due to a few traffic tickets and a couple of times being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of the cops were decent to me and professional, two were rude but not aggressive or abusive. I've never seen or experienced police brutality. The only problem is that they need to do more to remove the bad apples.

  6. Yep. They gotta do something about those bad apples who are making the other .00001% of cops look bad.

    Seriously, you can't be a good person and be a cop. It's just not possible. You can be a cop who doesn't beat every person you encounter, but you are still living on stolen money and enforcing evil "laws" with almost every breath you take "on the job". That isn't "good" no matter how you slice it. And it doesn't matter how much you, as a cop, want to believe you are necessary or helping. You aren't.