Thursday, August 29, 2013

72+ Types of terrorists

So, supposedly the morons who call themselves "government" have a list of 72 types of people they consider to be "terrorists".  Isn't that special.

"We are surrounded by TERRORISTS!!"

Of course, being able to read and remember for more than a few seconds, unlike the fearmongering collectivists of The State, I notice there are a lot of repeats and overlaps on that list.  Gotta pad the numbers and make sure no one feels left out, ya know.

The sad thing is they left off whole categories of terrorists.  I feel the need to help.

73. Those who feel a "law" can make it OK to rob, kidnap, torture, murder, or otherwise harm people who have done nothing aggressive to anyone else.

74. Those who kill people over a plant or two.

75. Those who gather in groups designated with letters.  Examples are BATFE, IRS, CIA, NSA, FBI, SCOTUS, CONUS, etc.

76. Anyone who is so afraid of those around them that they feel it is necessary to spy on them, and then lie about it or otherwise try to make their terroristic actions seem "legal" or "legitimate".



  1. Nothing is so scary and fearful too politicians and bureaucrats as independent-thinking citizens. That's why they needed public schools to indoctrinate as many as could be indoctrinated to accept, like sheep, the direction the shepard wants them to go. Of course, eventually, sheep end up as lamb chops and mutton. Those who can't be indoctrinated are obviously a threat to the established order and must be demonized.

  2. Oops! "and fearful to" not "too". Sorry about that.

  3. Really, it's okay for them (morons who call themselves "government") to live in fear.

    here's a revised list that simplifies life for them:
    Whom to fear if you are a parasite:
    1. Everybody

    We should give them no aid or comfort. Not that it should be a crime to feed one or keep it as a pet or a training dummy, but a term of involuntary servitude for each and every one of them would be justified.


  4. That whole "domestic terrorist" thing where the police department identified the Free State Project as a terrorist organization. It's important to realize that the only reason the police are terrified of Free Staters is because the Porcupines would decrease the police budget.

    That's what qualifies as "domestic terrorist" now a-days, making the police afraid for their bloated budgets.