Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"I submitted- so should you"

"I was raped, so you need to just shut up and cooperate with your rapist, too!"

That's what I hear when immigrants who jumped through all the "legal hoops" to get into the former America claim that "illegal immigrants" should have done the same.

That's what I hear when gun owners, who have begged permission from The State to be "allowed" to carry their gun, jump on a gun owner who recognizes there is no legitimate authority to violate his rights in any way.

It's what I hear when "drivers" refuse to support a person caught for "driving without a license".

It's what I hear anytime someone supports the violation of another person because that person didn't submit to the same abuses that others submitted to.

You would never do this... right?

Seems a cowardly way to live, if you asked me.

And please don't forget.

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