Friday, August 23, 2013


If anyone would like to help me out financially, this would be an excellent time.  My bank account is in the red.  Thanks.

Update: Crisis averted, thanks to you.  Feel free to donate or subscribe anyway.  :)



  1. Things are tough all over, including for me. I wish I could help, but have money problems of my own. Good luck to you.

  2. $65 and change.

    Anon- I totally understand and I never want anyone to feel bad for not helping- whatever the reason is. I fully expect people to take care of themselves and their family first. Always.

    I am really angry at myself for making a stupid math mistake. It's happened before, but I've always caught it in time. This time I didn't.

  3. I'm heading out away from the internet for a while to try to relax.

  4. Since I am the king of stupid math mistakes (made a 4 digit one earlier this year...) have some on me!