Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The powderkeg of "troops"

Are individuals in America better off that there are US troops all over the planet?  Do troops really help "the people"?

Think about it.

Was Germany better off by having and supporting the Nazi troops?  Or, in the long run was the normal, average German made less safe and less prosperous because of "the troops"?  (And don't bother trying to misuse Godwin's Law on me- I'm on to that game.)

The only ones helped by "the troops" are those who work for that gang of thugs called "government".  Everyone else is harmed.  They may think they are benefiting, but only until consequences catch up to them all.  At that time the veil is ripped away.

Abuses will have consequences.  It will be painful.  The longer those abuses and violations are allowed to continue, and the worse they are allowed to get, the more harsh those consequences will eventually be.  If you "support the troops" you are ensuring a dire and agonizing future for your kids or grandkids.  Those chickens WILL come to roost, sooner or later.  The future can't be held off forever.  And the later it is, the worse it will be for those who were seen to be complicit by "supporting the troops".  Or those who are mistakenly assumed to have done so, because of an accident of geography and birth.

If you really "support the troops", demand of the congressvermin they be brought home or ask them, individually, to quit.  Anything else is just stacking more black powder next to the campfire.



  1. For the most part I agree with you, but don't you think there are times where we must intervene? If we do not we will wind up fighting the enemy on our own doorsteps.

    Now an argument can be made that such a war on our own soil might wake us up... but i for one would much prefer we keep the ravages of was as far from our doorsteps as possible.

    Today we are going much to far in our effort to "export democracy". It has become not only, as you correctly point out, a big business, but it has also become an obsession among many that needs to be curtailed, sharply.

    But beware going to far the other way friend.

  2. How many wars do we need? "How did our oil get under their sand?" Support our troops! Bring them home ALIVE, and NOW! Almost all of us have friends, relatives, neighbors, and/or co-workers who are involved with the military. That means that it they aren't currently "deployed", they easily can be. And all of those friends, relatives, neighbors, and/or co-workers who are not directly involved with the military, want their loved ones to come home alive and soon. Just ask them. Paul K. Brubaker. Sr.

  3. David B.- No, there are no times "we" must intervene.

    "If we do not we will wind up fighting the enemy on our own doorsteps. "

    Unfortunately that's the only ethical place to fight the enemy. Otherwise you become the aggressor and a trespasser- you have become the bad guy.

    And don't forget that all the "justifications" for war are lies.

    If someone convinces you that your neighbor has guns (so? So do you!) and is planning to kill you in your sleep, so you demand he get rid of his guns "or else", and when he refuses you sneak into his house and kill him in the night, do you think you are justified? What if you were lied to, and the guy had no capability to actually do you harm unless you were already trespassing? Even if he was shooting off his mouth, unless he really had the ability to back up his bluster, you are the aggressor. What if all his bluster was because you kept meddling in his family and taking his property, and he mistakenly thought that shooting off his mouth would make you leave him alone? Stupidity shouldn't be a capital offense, and especially shouldn't involve his kids.

    And, there is no "we". If you feel the need to go to the other side of the world and kill people and break things, for any reason, do it. Just don't expect others to pay for your adventure unless they want to. Don't expect to be thanked or glorified. And don't expect others to gloss over the evil acts you commit in the course of your adventure. And lastly, don't attack, kidnap, and cage those who spread the news of the evil acts you commit.

  4. “Bring home the troops?” I say leave them there, wherever “there” happens to be. Let them find their own way home. Let them take PERSONAL responsibility for their crimes, for a change. They’ve already stolen enough treasure from those innocent, peaceful people they call “their country.”
    Let the ignorant, nationalistic, flag humpers and yellow ribbon fools pony up the cash for their plane, boat, or bus ticket. Let’s find out just how much they “support” these hired killers.

  5. I would donate what I could to help some come home. Just because I know some didn't know what they were signing up for (they bought into the "protecting freedom" propaganda), but have since realized what they were being used for. I'm generally pretty forgiving. But I wouldn't expect anyone else to do so, if they didn't want to. And, those who still believed they were doing the right thing by invading other people's homes, killing and destroying- well, I don't have sympathy for them.

  6. For years, we were in the Cold War and a worldwide Communist takeover was possible. As a result, a large military was necessary at the time. Now, times have changed. We're in a different time now. The young men who join the military make a huge sacrifice, sincerely believing that it's for the good of the civilians back home. But part of their intensive training is undermining their capicity for individual thought. You can make the case that they are being ill-used by the politicians. A group worthy of support is Wounded Warriors.

  7. Since America is now far down the communist path, what benefit were the troops? How much did that large military help? Communism won the Cold War- it only appeared to "lose" when it became unopposed and dropped the walls and curtains.

    You can make "a huge sacrifice", but when your beliefs are wrong, your actions will be wrong. Don't you think the Japanese kamikaze pilots made a huge sacrifice, but were still wrong in doing what they did?

    I don't necessarily blame them for originally signing up, but if they keep believing a lie, then they become guilty to some degree. Nothing removes your individual responsibility for your actions, especially not another person's orders.

  8. We entered a war with Vietnam because of an overt hoax prompted by LBJ. We avoided a war with Israel when they attacked the U.S.S. Liberty LBJ told them to sink it. It survived, and to this day, the situation with the Liberty is ignore, while the Vietnam war is considered a justified war., even tho' we lost. Too many of my friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers died. Their names are on a black wall. No names are posted for those who died on the Liberty. Money buys power, and the powerful do NOT go into battle, only those who are misled do. Paul K. Brubaker, Sr.