Monday, September 16, 2013

Anti-liberty bigots and their growing body count

Perhaps insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, but pure evil is trying to force others to accept your insanity as "common sense".

Never forget and never let the anti-liberty bigots distract you from the truth: "gun free zone" = slaughterhouse.


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  1. We have good private security down at the truck terminal we share with some other tenants. I keep my sleeper gear (bedroll, etc) in an unlocked storage trailer, and have often forgotten to lock my bicycle, valued at well over a thousand bucks ("frn" 's), and have not needed to worry about theft.

    But the landowner chooses to keep a large "no guns or firearms of any kind allowed" sign at the entrance to the property.

    One of the kids working on the security force and I were chatting one night recently as I was tying up, and I mentioned that in my opinion that sign is stupid. If I were genuinely afraid of a terminated driver or disgruntled ex-employee coming back and opening fire at me and everyone else, I'd feel a lot more confident if you (the security guy) and the dispatchers and supervisors were armed and qualified with sidearms.

    The crazy bastard coming onto our property with intent to indiscriminately mow down anybody and everybody isn't going to be concerned about "obeying" some dumb sign claiming to prohibit firearms. But folks who carry and could interfere before he successfully killed or injured lots of other folks would obey and thus be powerless to stop him.