Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chocolate, the kitten

A while back I mentioned that I had taken in a new orphan.  Well, she has now made her Facebook debut.

Meet Chocolate- the (Formerly) Orphaned Kitten.  You can get her story by going to her Facebook page.  Or by asking questions in the comments below if you (understandably) avoid self-incrimination sites like Facebook.

This is one of the few times I will publicly talk about one of my orphans.  The goons of The State have a bad habit of killing the "wild orphans" and punishing their rescuers, so I won't endanger them by exposing them (or me) to the notice of the "authorities".  Fortunately I haven't yet heard of rescuers of domesticated animals getting brutalized for the crime of saving kittens or puppies.  Give 'em time...

I have discovered that even before I made this kitten public, she had damaged my reputation locally, with the few people who knew about the situation.  I wasn't aware I had a reputation, or that it could be damaged by showing my soft side, but life is what it is.



  1. She's adorable! I'm another irascible old libertarian who loves his cats. Thanks for taking in the little girl!

  2. I've been feeding a feral cat for over a year now. A big yellow tabby. (A neighbor trapped it a couple of years ago and had it fixed--female--the top third of its right ear has been clipped to show it was fixed.) Last winter I slowly, day-by-day coaxed it into the garage to eat so the food wouldn't get rained on. Now it's waiting every morning for me to open the garage door and put down it's food dish. But first it has to bump up against me and let me pet it and scratch it before it settles in to eat. Later, after having eaten, it won't let me get close to it.
    :-) This is coyote country but this cat has been around for at least 4 or 5 years. It's a survivor.

  3. Just in case anyone thinks otherwise, I have actually raised more orphaned puppies than kittens. I just prefer cats. Well, that's not quite right- I actually prefer wildlife, rats, ferrets, and chickens. But I can't reject an orphan or an injured critter.