Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't "activist" yourself to death

I don't pick up bags full of trash every time I go to the park. Of course, I don't ever throw any trash down either.  Well, I almost always will pick up at least one piece of trash sometime during my stay- while my daughter plays.  But it's incidental, not "What I'm Doing".

Similarly, I don't say something libertarian every single time someone around me says some ridiculous thing in advocacy of The State or some other form of theft or coercion.  While not every moment is a mandatory time to consciously spread libertarianism, I still don't violate ZAP and I don't violate property rights.

I think of it as not littering the world with more statism- there's plenty clogging up the works already.

And, if asked, I don't hesitate to give my opinion (after a disclaimer/warning).



  1. Good post, Kent.

    Your children are a good analogy: while you're convinced they are not listening to what you say much of the time, you can be assured they're watching what you do all of the time.

    This is a way of life, not a doctrine to proselytize.


  2. Good point.
    Live it, don't preach it.