Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Intra-gang violence- The Hasan death penalty

So, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was given the "death penalty" for the Ft. Hood murders.  As I have said before, I am against such a punishment, for several reasons.  But, unlike most cases, this one doesn't pluck at my heartstrings too much.  I see this case strictly as an internal affair.  A gang member turned on others in his gang, and the gang "leadership" is dealing with it in a violent manner.  Gang members kill each other all the time, and my main concern is that they don't start killing people outside their gangs.  Why should I be surprised or outraged?  I am not involved with that gang, nor do I support it in any real way.

And, no, I am not just referring to the "military" as the gang- the entire idea of "government" is the gang; the "military" is simply one part of it.

One thing I find ironic is that those gang leaders aren't accepting their share of guilt in the murders.  Whoever the evil idiot was who decided that members of the military, on a military base, "needed" to be unarmed is at least 50% responsible for every murder after the first one.  Sure, a psycho could kill one person before a universally armed populace could react and stop him, but he could not likely kill 13.  Nope, he had lots of help.

I would hope that such overwhelming stupidity is limited to government militaries, and would find no support among militias.  


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  1. I thought 9/11 finally proved that the state’s protection racket was incompetent. The Ft Hood shootings proved it even more so. How can they protect ME when they can’t even protect themselves from EACH OTHER?