Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Stop & Rob"

I know someone who refers to convenience stores as the "Stop and Rob".

I think that name also applies equally well to cops on "traffic patrol".  It's all they do- they "stop" and "rob" travelers.

Don't fool yourself into believing that a traffic stop is anything other than an armed robbery.  You might like the results, but when you see the local "Stop & Rob" in action, you are witnessing a violation of fundamental human rights.

So, support your local individual Stop & Rob if it makes you happy, but don't pretend he's something other than what he is.



  1. I was a victim of Stop & Rob just recently. All the governments look at traffic stops as a cash cow.

  2. When I worked in a gas station, not much of a store, I spent time cleaning some swords that I'd bought.

    No one robbed me.