Monday, September 02, 2013

Too hard on cops?

You probably think I am too hard on cops.  I assure you, I'm not nearly hard enough.  They are where the rubber meets the road, where tyranny is concerned.  No one else on the side of The State matters- there is no other meaningful enemy of liberty.

You can live in an area "Ruled" by Hitler's crueler brother, filled with counterfeit "laws" until the law pollution is so bad that everything you want to do is forbidden, and everything you'd rather not do is mandatory, but unless there are thugs willing to enforce those "laws" against you, it doesn't matter.  You still could be free and never even care what any of those "laws" say.

Tyranny and oppression begins and ends with enforcers.



  1. I'm no expert on cops. I can only comment on those I've personally dealt with. These would involve a few traffic violations and one youthful indescretion. In nearly all cases, the policemen were polite and professional and gave me no trouble. A couple of them were rude, but nothing more and never abusive. I don't claim this to be a scientific sample. But I imagine that this is the experience of most people.

  2. But what would have been the results of those armed enforcers leaving you alone and not robbing you (through a "fine")? Did your "youthful indiscretion" have a victim? If so, don't you think your victim could have dealt with it himself? If not, who did you harm?

  3. In the youthful indescretion, I did victimize someone, though not violently, and he was livid. I'm lucky he didn't press charges or beat me up. I'm appalled at my actions at the time (a few decades ago). As for the traffic stops, no one was harmed. One of them was in a school zone before school began, though there were no children around, and I was late for work and speeding. Very careless of me. The tickets were somethig I could do without, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.

  4. At the time of your youthful indiscretion "(a few decades ago)", cops were different. They were still unnecessary, but they were less likely to violate "most people".

    And, as for the speeding ticket, you may have been able to handle it, but it was still theft. Theft isn't OK just because you can afford it. What about those who can't? Should they be robbed simply because they were traveling a little faster than some arbitrary (and usually ridiculously slow) "speed limit"? If they harmed someone they owe restitution- to the victim, never "government"- if no one was hurt or credibly threatened/endangered then they did nothing wrong. No need for any cops to be involved in either case.