Saturday, October 26, 2013

Appearance of non-compliance

Have you ever noticed all the ridiculous "laws" that are passed when people find ways around the previous "laws"?  Or, when the previous "laws" fail to do as advertised?  Or, when it's more profitable to fine people than to reward the change in behavior that was the excuse for passing the "law" to begin with?

What am I talking about?  "Laws" such as ...

Banning electronic "cigarettes".

Ticketing people for "rolling through" a stop sign.

Just for a couple of examples.

It's not about health or safety- it's about compliance.  Rather, it's about stopping the appearance of non-compliance.  And, it's about using that appearance of non-compliance as a way to steal even more money from even more people.  It's the work of disgustingly evil people.  From those who clamor for the "laws", to those who agree with them.  And those who write the "laws", pass the "laws", and- ultimately- to the worthless maggot fodder who enforces those "laws".



  1. (In a bad German accent) "You're papers! You must show me your papers!"

  2. The last characteristic those who recruit for predator-police forces at any level want to see in a candidate is the capability to think critically. They must have a good-soldier mentality -- low cognizance, "do-or-die" compliance to "our" betters.

    The law, for instance, supposedly states that one must have a seat belt and have it fastened when driving or riding as a passenger on government ("public" ha ha) roadways. The predator/enforcer will be duty-bound to issue "citations" for "seat-belt violation" if s/he catches you without "your" seat belt fastened.

    The sloganry goes something like this: "Seat belts save lives!"

    The critical thinker (who is not qualified to "enforce laws") will say, "..only when you're slamming into somebody or something will a seat belt save your life -- and if you plan on that, I recommend 'em! But what's going to save your life is avoiding the accident, not fastening up a seat belt..."

    To which the predator/enforcer mentality will say, "...b..but what about the guy who slams into YOU???..." (their stock-in-trade is the victim mentality -- no victim, no "respect-for-the-law").

    To which the critical thinker will respond, "...if you haven't developed professional driving skills to see accidents unfolding in front of you and to avoid them, I recommend you wear "your"** seat belt!..."


    **The use of quotes around "your" is to call attention to the predator/enforcer/victim way of thinking. It is important for them to coax you to take possession of that which enslaves you:

    Have you filed "your" taxes?
    "We" must protect "our" children.
    Be sure and get "your" flu shot.

  3. Sam- I couldn't agree more.
    And it's the same thing that "justifies" the drunk-driving "checkpoints".
    It is your responsibility to avoid an accident. Not all of them can be avoided, but that doesn't take the responsibility off of you- nor does it excuse the mania over enforcing "drunk driving "laws".