Monday, October 28, 2013

Cops are cowards

I have said it before, but it's important enough to say again.  Cops are cowards.

This isn't just my opinion- there is plenty of evidence.

"Officer safety" being a giant neon sign, flashing in our faces every time one of those anointed cowards must face one of us, declaring in plain language just exactly how cowardly they all truly are.

But there are other clear signs, even if they all have "officer safety", physical or financial, at their root:

Hiding behind their gang anytime their twitchy trigger fingers get one of them in a bit of hot water.  Or when they cause a car accident.

Holding lots of innocent people at gun point, and viciously assaulting them under the pretext of finding a bad guy.

Demanding that everyone around them be unarmed.

The armored vehicles, face-hiding SWAT gear, use of weapons prohibited to you and me, protection of personal information and privacy of cops whose violations make the news... it all adds up to one thing.  Cowardice.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Almost every action a cop takes, when interacting with non-cops, is motivated by cowardice.

This will be a self-fulfilling fear.

The more cowardly cops become (as hard as it is to believe, they probably can become more cowardly) the more real reason they will have to fear you and me.

The more innocent people who are murdered in the course of enforcing counterfeit "laws", the more people who are raped or beaten during a "routine traffic stop", the more people who are held at gun point because someone else in the area shot one of those LEOs- the more people will begin to hate cops.

There is only so much abuse peaceable people will tolerate.  You and I are not the problem here.  Unless you, too, are a coward and support the cowardly badge thugs.  The realists who see cops for what they really are will probably never be a majority- too many copsuckers out there.  But it won't take a majority.  And then the cops can point to the incidents as justification- claim their cowardice isn't cowardice, but prudence.

Added: And don't forget the reasons I don't like cops, and roll my eyes at those who do.

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  1. Cops are like anyone else, there are good and bad. Some cops are truly bullies with badges and they need to be exposed and there is nothing wrong with you pointing that out.. But there are also cops who put themselves in danger in dealing with dangerous people so that the average citizen doesn't have to. Some of them are able to mediate disputes between private citizens before they become violent. If you don't think that everyday citizens can turn minor incidents into blood feuds, look up the Hatfields and the McCoys.

    I like your articles and you usually make good points, but blanket statements like this turn off people who might otherwise be open to the cases you make. Prudence in choosing your words would be a good idea.

    1. there are bad cops, cheap to bribe cops (the easiest way to get bad cops to leave you alone) and naïve cops who enable and assist the bad ones. the purpose they serve makes them inherently bad people. they practice gently worded forms of theft, abduction, and extortion. do they do anything else? have you ever been helped by a cop when you weren't using them as a weapon against someone else?

  2. I'll say this again as clearly as I can: there are no "good cops". None. Zero.

    If there were, they would refuse to enforce counterfeit (and unconstitutional, by the way) "laws".

    If there were, they would expose and defy any cop who did enforce counterfeit "laws"- even to the point of using deadly force to protect "the people" from those cops. There would be no more hiding behind the "thin blue line" and all good cops would be speaking out against those bad cops and refusing to stand with them in any way.

    Yes, some cops are worse than others, but every single one of them makes the choice, every day when they put on that uniform or badge and accept that paycheck, to be a thug and a parasite.

    I do not ask them to put themselves in "danger" on my behalf, and I don't appreciate being charged for an employee, and "services", I neither need nor want.

    You say "Some of them are able to mediate disputes between private citizens before they become violent." So? I have done the same, but I don't ask for worship or obedience- or even a financial reward- for doing so. Claiming that "everyday citizens" can also do bad things in no way excuses cops. Humans are all flawed and can all do the wrong thing. It is extremely dangerous to pretend that this gives some people justification to be just as bad as those they claim to be holding in check.

    It's only a "blanket statement" because it is universally true, by definition. Just like if I said all animals of the genus Equus are mammals.

  3. Yeah, the profession has definitely gone into disrepute lately. It happened as soon as the Internet came around, and cop misconduct was no longer being covered up by the local branch of the Ministry of Propaganda.

    "But there are also cops who put themselves in danger in dealing with dangerous people so that the average citizen doesn't have to."

    Well, it seems to me cops put everybody in danger, for example having shootouts with drug users or sellers. Why do I need protection from those people? If I don't like drugs, I don't buy them. The solution is simple. I fear cops a lot more than I fear a drug dealer. Cops believe they can stick their noses in everybody else's business, and that we are supposed to appreciate them for it. It's silly.

  4. There ARE good cops. I know some. That being said I don't like this trend of shoot first ask questions later that is spreading all over the U.S. and maybe if some of these cities get the pants sued off them by the survivors then they will weed out the psycho cops. Everyone would be safer then including the good cops.

  5. So, these good cops you know- they NEVER ticket people for not wearing seat belts, or pull them over for rolling through a stop sign? They never arrest anyone for smoking pot, or for carrying a gun without a license? They never stop anyone for going a tiny bit over the speed limit, but not actually being a danger to anyone else? They never enforce property codes, or "tax laws" or business license "laws"?

    Because if they do even one of the above, they are not "good" people. They are thieves and thugs. Maybe that's what a "good cop" is, but it isn't good. Not by any meaningful definition, anyway.

    "Why don't you like cops?"

  6. I could not agree more wholeheartedly with you Kent.
    Copsuckers are a variant of jocksniffers - who worship any person who claims to be a 'warrior' (anyone who revels in his ability to kill with impunity). This is only moral in bizarro world, which, I guess is where jocksniffers think they live.

    There are no good ones, and they all voluntarily abuse people, every day (by enforcing counterfeit laws and perpetrating violence against peaceful and innocent people.

    I guess it's our fault (we who failed to stop this sickness from spreading over the past 50 years or more).

    Respect is something to be earned but being a cowardly thug is not the way to earn it.

    hats off to you brother.


  7. There are good cops in the same sense that there are good criminals, because they are relatively better than bad criminals. Law enforcement, by definition, is the enforcement of arbitrary rules created by professional lawmakers, who are famous for being election seeking liars and scallywags. That is a bully guided by psychopathic, egotistical fools. Just as the petty thief may be seen as "good" compared to the "bad "torturing, murdering rapist, the cop who selectively enforces the laws in a restrained manner can be considered a better person than the by-the-book, citizen beating/tazing, trigger-happy psycho cop. You can still say criminal behavior, or law enforcement, is immoral on grounds of principle. That is, just because there may be differences in degree, there is no difference in kind.

  8. I hope you cop-haters never need one to save you or someone you love from evil.

    1. been there regretted that. call the cops for help with the armed robbers. armed robber knowing the law sends me away, and shotgun in one hand cellphone in the other I close a door and wait. high and mighty police clearing my house long after robber leaves kills the dog locked up in another room.

  9. Anon 1:51PM- LOL!!! "Save you"? Are you SERIOUS?
    That's a riot! You take your life in your hands if you invite those maniacs into your life. No thanks!

    There is no problem so bad that adding a cop can't make it orders of magnitude worse!

    Have you not read of all the cases where homeowners called the cops and the cops showed up and promptly shot the homeowner dead?

    At best, the cops take notes and file a report. At worst they kidnap ("arrest") you for something they discover while at your house or murder you because you didn't bow fast enough or low enough. And heaven forbid you touch one, or get a really twitchy one responding to your call.

  10. And, I never knew only evil could save me from evil.

  11. As we used to say at the firehouse, if you want someone to show up afterwards and do the paperwork, call the cops.

    If you want to be rescued, call the firemen.

    Police as they exist now are bullies with Sovereign Immunity. Thugs who can do no wrong, and they know it. That's why they kill people daily for no reason. Their cowardice is shown by their shooting dogs daily.

    Decent individuals who happen to be cops would quit.

  12. One thing that is important to remember is that a cop can turn his life around in less than a minute by walking off the "job" and resolving to never again initiate force or violate property rights. But, there will come a time when it's too late. And there is no point whining about it then.

  13. Let's not forget that ALL cops voluntarily participate in a protection racket financed by EXTORTION. Meaning, as soon as they put on a badge and get a paycheck, they are THIEVES.
    How can any "good" person be part of that?

  14. Cops are nothing more than Mafia "soldiers," who answer to the capos, the underbosses, and the bosses above them.

    The only difference is their costumes. Instead of white ties with black shirts, they wear black ties with blue shirts, and sport shiny badges.

    This makes them "official." Oooooh! Other than that, no friggin' difference whatsoever.

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  16. Several months ago I posted this to FascistBook....I was banned for 45 days. FB would never explain how I had broached their "Terms of Service".

    There should be a lawsuit out of this and I hope this lady cleans them out...but unfortunately, it will be the tax payer that picks up the tab. We MUST make these moronic assholes take personal responsibility and suffer real life repercussions for their actions.

  17. No decent person would write frivolous traffic citations engaging in legalized highway robbery or arrest fathers in front of their children for administrative infractions therefore there is no such thing as a good cop.

    By becoming a cop you are agreeing to the violation of everyone's Rights in order to enforce law regardless what that law is. Nothing good about that. Just because some do it politely doesn't make it right.

    It's that kind of attitude that perpetuates the illusion of our society needing cops.

  18. I hate cops too. there are higher powers that will take care of cops. One stopped me the other day and almost pulled his gun out on me for a speeding. I got mad and cussed him. I believe in the spirits and their authority and cops have a lot to fear, because they can't see or hurt spirits but spirits can hurt them.

  19. They're scumbags, nothing more than a street gang that takes the money of people who do real work. I've never known a single verifiable account of any cop doing a straight-up good deed that didn't harass or hurt anyone. Some poor fools kiss the ground they walk on, but every single one is my enemy because they are the agents of oppression and the nemeses of freedom..