Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mor on cops

How did the police become so bad?  How did they become the occupying army that America's founders warned about?

Cops were never intended to have any more liberty than anyone else. No special "rights" above and beyond what you or I have.

It's just not possible for one person (or "class" of people) to have rights not possessed by every other person.

They were first hired to do the low-class, messy work that lazy and irresponsible people didn't want to do for themselves.  Things like stop aggressive attacks and theft.  And track down those who did such things.

At first, in order to make their job easier, they were allowed to be outlaws- ignoring counterfeit "laws".  I have no problem with that- I think everyone should always ignore counterfeit "laws" at every opportunity.  But, cops were still told to enforce those "laws" against everyone else.  That's not nice, and it's hypocrisy.

This dubious "plan" has gotten out of control.  The "license" to be special enough to not be constrained by counterfeit "laws" wasn't enough for them.  So, it didn't stop there.  Now cops have been allowed to become outright criminals- violating laws against theft, murder, rape and other things.

Combined with the cowardice that defines how cops view you, it's a really dangerous situation.  One that can't last.

Interesting times are in store.



  1. The answer to your opening question might be here:

    "...A justice system in which the state makes the laws, enforces them, prosecutes them, hires the prosecutors, licenses the defense attorneys, pays the judges, builds the jails (and contracts them out to private entities), pays the wardens and the guards and eventually the parole officers ... is not a unbiased system...


  2. I don't know why on these websites links posted sometimes are "live" and sometimes "dead" -- but the link to the quotation on my previous comment is here: