Thursday, October 24, 2013

Signing up with ObamaCare

Do you plan on signing up for ObamaCare?

To me it seems another example of "easier to avoid than to get out of".

Just think what would have happened if people had simply refused, in droves, to sign up for "driver's licenses" back when that was the new government demand.

Or, if most people had simply refused to file "tax" forms with the IRS, and most employers had ignored the demands to withhold "taxes" from their employees.

Now that both of those abominations are old news, long established "traditions", refusing to go along is "radical", and scary to most people.  ObamaCare- if it survives- will be the same way.  I'm thinking it will be easier to "neglect" to be pulled into the system than it would be to get out once you submit.

I'm not suggesting you announce your intentions publicly, but that you just think about what your choice will be.



  1. Kent,

    "ObamaCare- if it survives- will be the same way."

    Sad, but true. And survive it will, even if it tanks the "robust economic recovery." Then, of course, all the big insurance companies will have to be bailed out.


  2. I disagree. I think patriots SHOULD announce their intentions to refuse to join up so that others might not be intimidated by family and "friends" to go along to get along. I will not be signing up and will proudly go to the camps that don't exist as a proud patriot.

  3. Fuck 'em.

    Same thing with license plates by the way. All are badges of slavery: