Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Teens buying guns

There was an item I saw in the news a while back that stuck in my mind due to its absurdity and the fact it's another example of "if they can get you to ask the wrong question..."

Should teens be permitted to buy guns after getting a background check?

You know my answer to that question- the imposition of a background check on anyone is unforgivable.  As is any imposed restriction on buying or selling any kind of gun to anyone (stores have the right to refuse to serve anyone for any reason).

But it also just illustrates the ignorance- no, the stupidity of the anti-liberty bigots.  Teens buy guns without background checks now.  In fact, it's the only way they can, since "legitimate" stores can't sell to them.

So the sensible thing is to end the background checks so they at least have the option to buy from knowledgeable and responsible sources who'll possibly give them good information or instructions- whoever that may be.


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  1. When I started having kids (7 in all -- 4 of 'em boys) I had been so spooked by my military experience I refused to allow guns on the farm -- except for my rifle and 20 ga, which I kept soundly locked up. Only later did I come to see it was much, much better to let the boys have their own rifles and insist they learn to use them safely.

    One evening Joe, a son in his 2nd year of college and should have known better, stripped the buckshot from a 20 ga cartridge. When his brother, Dave, (I think about 12 at the time) came into the bedroom Joe aimed the shotgun at him and fired. What Joe hadn't realized was, at close range the wadding and burst from exploding powder was almost as lethal as the buckshot.

    The only thing that saved Dave's bacon was he was wearing a leather jacket, which absorbed much of the blast. He was treated at the emergency room and released with severe burns on the face and impact bruise on the chest.

    Joe learned a lesson I would have been wise to have taught him before he ever had access to firearms.

    And I learned: teach your kids at young ages about guns and how to safely use them.

    But never, never, never rely on the "wisdom" of psychopaths who make up that abstraction we like to call "government" to produce collectivist rules that only inform them who and where the "legal" gun owners live.