Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Time's Up" flag Wikipedia page

OK, so there is no such thing.  But I think there should be.  The design has gotten enough attention beyond what I do to promote it that I think it deserves a page.  (Of course I would think that, right?)

However, I don't feel like making one.  I'm still bitterly disappointed that Wikipedia deleted the page about me (which I had nothing to do with and simply discovered by accident one day- and it already had a "take down notice" attached).

Well, maybe "bitterly disappointed" is going overboard.  I was shocked anyone thought I needed a page- and apparently Wikipedia agreed with me.

"Time's Up" is a different story.

Anyway, if anyone feels like making a Wikipedia page on the "Time's Up" flag and/or design, I'll link to it on the blog.



  1. Kent, your logical, Libertarian, proven-to-be-good-for-society viewpoint doesn't fit in with the leftist-leaning Wikipedia mind-set. No wonder they took it down.

  2. The page on me didn't really have anything of value on it, so I wasn't surprised they took it down. (I was being sarcastic about the bitter disappointment.)