Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You've lost the luxury of time

If you were a Jew (or any other "undesirable") in late 1930s Germany, would you have had the luxury to take the time to decide on an individual basis whether each person wearing a Nazi uniform, or displaying the swastika was your enemy?  Not all were.  But, as I say, would you have had the luxury of time to not make that assumption?

Would you have had time to sit down and talk to each one, individually, to see if perhaps they were really on your side before judging them?  Or, would the uniform have been a pretty clear sign where their loyalty lay?  Would you have been right to use that in-your-face display as justification for slitting uniformed throats in a back alley?

The time is past where you and I have the luxury of waiting around to see where the loyalty of each person in a cop uniform may lie.  They have already chosen sides by continuing to wear the badge.

Many of those in military uniform may feel trapped and be afraid to quit, due to threats of violence that are the only way the military can keep many of its slaves enslaved, but a cop can quit his job this minute just by walking away, like from any other job- so each and every day he is on the "job" is another declaration of where he stands.  Each day he shows up for work he is spitting in your face and holding a gun to your kids' heads.

They are only human, so don't let them get in the way of living your life, but keep track of where they are and don't let them sneak up behind you- so that if/when it becomes necessary, you will know where the threat lies and will be able to take care of it in a proper manner.


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