Saturday, November 02, 2013

Do I hope ObamaCare doesn't work?

I read a silly rant by someone claiming that ObamaCare's critics are just scared it will work. What tripe.

I hope ObamaCare does work. Just like I hope hyperinflation never hits America and like I hope the US government's "leaders" never get genocidally tyrannical. Just like I hope no one I know and love ever gets sick, injured, or dies.

But I know that's an impossible wish.  And every nation with socialized medicine is already a failure by my definition.

America has already dodged too many bullets that "no nation in history has ever __ and not had __ happen to it".  That "luck" can't hold out forever, and some day, when we least expect it, the bill will come due.  The piper will be paid.

But how can ObamaCare "work"?  Well, it depends on how you define "work", and whether you ignore larger issues.

Wanna improve "health care"? Just kill everyone who gets sick. Magically- no more sickness!  That would be just as ethical as theft-funded ObamaCare. You can't accomplish good by doing evil.



  1. Good point. If someone jumps off a cliff, you hope that they won't die, but it's very likely that they will. Predicting the outcome doesn't make one responsible for it if one commits the act anyway.

  2. "You can't accomplish good by doing evil"

    Such a simple and, you would think, intuitive statement but I am disgustingly astonished at how frequently I encounter people in various discussions who believe it doesn't apply in "this" particular case!