Monday, November 11, 2013

Honor the Stormtroopers- Serving The Empire

I'm sure they believe they are fighting for the right side- the "good guys".  After all, they are fighting "rebel terrorists" who destroyed a military base.  They are probably held in high regard among their peers and praised by those who use them as tools.  Their sacrifice and selflessness is apparent.  

I suppose we should "honor" them... right?  Without regard to the actual effects of what they did and are doing.

You go right ahead.  I'll sit this one out.



  1. Out to make more friends this morning, I see ;)

    I can respect the enlightened ones, who have seen their errors, and have removed themselves. Those who are yet to see the light, can be forgiven. Those who know exactly what they do and carry on, I have no respect for you.

  2. You know me.

    And I agree with you. It's just that I would like for those who "are yet to see the light" to see it. I mean, the emperor doesn't care about them one little bit, and the sooner they figure that out, the better for them. To the emperor (and the Empire), the dead stormtroopers are just landscaping. Why waste yourself for them?

  3. Dammit, Kent! Why do you hate America? :-)


  4. All nations should always honor and respect their veterans who served bravely defending their respective nations:

  5. Well, that went about as well as expected. And for some reason, people on Facebook assumed I was speaking of Statesian* troops rather than the stormtroopers of Star Wars...

    *No, the US troops are NOT "American troops", America is the country, but those guys are fighting only for the US- the government or State. Thus, they are Statesians.

    The US is the gravest threat America ever faced.