Monday, November 25, 2013

Knock out the aggressors

That new excuse for aggression, the "knockout game", does seem to show a need for more people being armed at all times, but I wonder how much a gun would really help.

If the attack comes with "no warning", as is claimed, how will you have time to pull your gun?

By all means carry a gun with you everywhere you go, but that's not enough.  You also need to be aware of your surroundings every moment of every day.  Make it a habit.

If the predators can't get within striking range, they can't punch you.  But if they do manage to catch you off guard, and if they fail to knock you unconscious with the first punch, maybe you can end their consciousness forever before they succeed.



  1. These may be gang initiation rites. I don't know it for certain. What I do know is that it's also known as Polar Bear Hunting, due to the skin color of the intended victims.

  2. This is racial without a doubt, but the MSM won't label it as such. Further, if you go out into the wilderness or jungle and don't pay attention to what is around you, you will probably get killed and eaten. The modern concrete jungle is no different... except for the eating part.

  3. Situational awareness. You can't preach it loud or often enough. People need to take out the earplugs and get their noses out of whatever device they use and pay attention to the world around them. You can't go around in condition red all the time, but there is nothing wrong with a high yellow.

  4. No you can't preach it loud enough or often enough. I am often struck with awe at the state of life in America now. I don't normally consider myself a conspiracy theorist in any way, but I can't help but let my mind do the pattern recognition thing that we are known for. If I wanted to have a country full of slaves I would find a way to make them less aware of the dangers in the world, put their attention firmly some where other than personal safety, and then shift all responsibility from themselves and their attackers and put it squarely on virtual targets like media or video games or any other party that can't actual affect change or be held accountable.

    I think that we have summarily lost the natural instincts of the animals we are. They have been deprogrammed from us. We are now grass, as a people, we are now grass or prey. We are not even unaware, we are unconcerned that we are unaware.

    Even antelope sniff the air and watch their surroundings. But then again the antelope knows the lioness is in the tall grass wanting to kill it.