Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blind hate fueled by ignorance, and more than a little stupidity

Anti-liberty bigots are just insane.  There's no other explanation for things like this: link

I posted the following comment:

How sad that you blame objects and not acts. I suppose in your mind it is better to be murdered by a thug using a fist, a knife, or a rock than by a thug with a gun.
No tool in the history of the world has made it more possible for a smaller, weaker victim to fight back against a stronger, determined aggressor with less chance of being harmed in their resistance. It’s not a magic talisman- you still need to know what you are doing. But this stupid and, quite honestly, evil objection you express toward gun safety training would be like you demanding that kids not be taught to swim or even touch water, and then acting surprised when kids drown needlessly.
Feel free to join in.  David Codrea's "The War on Guns" pointed me to the post.



  1. I clicked on the link. I see what you mean. When he wrote that he didn't "believe in guns," I wondered what he meant. That's like saying one doesn't believe in UFO's, an equally illogical saying as unidentified flying objects do exist, as do guns. Doesn't he realize that some of the cities with the toughest gun control laws also have the highest murder rates by guns? Doesn't he realize that if he could magically make all guns disappear in the U.S.--including the one cops have--that in a very short time there would be multi-billion dollar gun smuggling operations brought into existence? I've said it before: No cop is going to magically appear between you and the bad guy when he pulls the trigger, or stabs you, or beats you. Cops only follow up on clues after a crime has been committed and harass otherwise honest, peaceful citizens.

  2. From the movie "Shane":

    Marian: "I feel the country would be much better if every last gun disappeared."

    Shane: "A gun is a tool Marian, no better nor worse than any other tool: a shovel, an axe, or anything. A gun is only as bad or as good as the man using it. Remember that."