Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Where do you want to be?

There is a continuum from good to bad when you talk about how to attempt to live among other humans- what people call "politics".

To me, when keeping the discussion limited to where I currently find myself living, it goes something like this: anarchy to minarchy to the Articles of Confederation to "local government" to the "states" to the Constitution to whatever it is the individuals in America stagger under now.  Of course, there can always be something worse.

Your particular manner of arranging them from good to bad may differ from mine, but I'll bet you do still have a preferred order.

I'd be happy for any move toward the good and away from the bad, but I won't be satisfied anywhere along the continuum except anarchy.  How much liberty is enough for you?



  1. Kent,

    The government we "stagger under." That just stays with me. Kinda like "Tyranny Deniers."

    You are a poetic rascal.


  2. Neither major political party fully endorses personal liberty. But there's no doubt that the Democrat Party is far more destructive.

  3. Where I *want* to be and where I think I have a chance of realistically getting to are unfortunately two different things. I'll take what I can get.