Friday, January 04, 2013

Donations and "Subscriptions"

I just added Paypal buttons for donations and "subscriptions" over there on the left (since the blog redesign in January 2014, they are on the right), under my head.  I realize many people despise Paypal, and I completely understand why.  However, it is still the way most people choose to send me money and I'm not going to be silly and refuse it.

For those of you who hate Paypal but feel a pressing need to send me money, I happily accept silver, gold, and ammo.  If you have other ideas of things to send me, let me know.

Obviously, you can still read the blog whether or not you subscribe.  If you think I give you value that is worth paying for, then I appreciate it.  If I don't- or if you can't afford anything- don't worry about it.

I have also been trying to "get with" Bitcoin- and it is giving me fits.  I'll keep trying, but I have been so busy I have to ration the time I spend on computer projects that don't involve actual writing.

For those of you who have helped support my writings, I thank you sincerely.  You really have no idea how grateful I am.