Wednesday, January 09, 2013

"There are parts I like..."

First, this:


I think of this Futurama clip every time I talk to a Constitutionalist.

But they are rarely honest enough to admit "There are parts of the Constitution I like and parts I don't like!".

Because they are almost universally supportive of the War on (Politically Incorrect) Drugs, and "immigration control"*, and against "gay marriage" (which means they are for government-regulated marriage).  None of those things are permitted by the Constitution.  If you support or advocate any of those you are against the Constitution when it doesn't allow you to "legally" do things you want to do.  Just like me.

However, I readily admit to not liking most of the Constitution due to the fact it established a State, and that I consider it irrelevant, while acknowledging that a "Constitutional America" would be a huge improvement over what the US is now.

*The one part of the Constitution sometimes pointed to as "proof" that it "legalizes" immigration control is actually concerned with the importation of slaves.  Not the same thing at all.