Friday, February 08, 2013

Chris Dorner

Strange, but really... I feel nothing.  While I feel sorry for any innocent people who are being harmed, everyone knows the score.

We already know cops are a public nuisance under the best of circumstances, and a lethal danger under the worst.  So, I'm neither surprised by Dorner, nor by the LAPD's dangerous, overwrought response.

For all the good people out there- stay out of the way and assume any cop you see will shoot you to enhance "officer safety".  And remember that just because you look nothing like him, and you are driving a vehicle that is nothing like his, it doesn't guarantee anything.  Someone poked the hive and the hornets are blind with rage and have completely lost any semblance of a mind they may once have had.

Let's just watch this thing play out and try to come out alive on the other side.  And, with that goal in mind, remember who is targeting random individuals rather than specific corrupt targets.