Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Hurray for Washington!"

Hurray for Washington! by By Mary Theroux

Go to the link above and read it, and then consider...
Has politics ever been anything but a puppet show?  Ignore that fact that you may have liked some of the shows more than the current one.  It's all smoke and mirrors and you are forced to "enjoy the show" at the point of a gun.  Well, how often are you really forced to participate?  Sure, you may know that certain silly individuals wearing the ill-fitting hat of government demand you sit up and pay attention, but how often do you actually get grabbed if you ignore them?  I'm finding it harder and harder to care what those pathetic control freaks shriek about.

Yeah, more people are beginning to figure it out, but politics is always about celebrating something largely imaginary and silly.

Hollywood and DC: a perfect fit.



The opposite of libertarianism isn't just statism.  It isn't just authoritarianism.  Those are just aspects of slavism: the love of being a slave, or the imposition of slavery on others.

I am exposed to people suffering from slavism everywhere.

They worship imaginary "authorities", and demand that everyone else do the same- or be punished.  While some of them don't see their own chains, they enthusiastically want to make sure everyone else's chains are secure.  They use "laws" and delusions to enslave.

Until people get over the notion that some people should be "in control" of other people, and stop "respecting the office" OR "the person", slavism will be "normal".