Saturday, June 01, 2013

The worst politician quote ever

Someone recently reminded me again of the worst thing I think I have ever heard a puppetician utter.  And he said it in public and no one shot him for advocating slavery!:

"Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do."

That's like claiming that life is all about the willingness to rot in your grave forever.  It shows that this turd doesn't have the first clue what "freedom" is (and I'll bet liberty is really scary to him).  It shows he sees it only according to what he can do to you.

Of course, he would consider himself and his hired goons to be "lawful authority", which they most definitely are not.  

Yeah, it sounds like something that psychopath Mikey Poopie Bloomers would say, but it was actually a previous NY thug who said it.