Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't be embarrassed to be different in a good way

To those who are uncomfortable with a "Security State" or a "Nanny State":  Go ahead and speak up.

It's OK to not want to be "safe"- to not want to be a controlled pet. To be different. Don't be shamed into silence.

If you feel that tingling in the back of your head when you hear some human drone yammering about the latest "terror threat", or worshiping cops, or praising some congressvermin, or agreeing with some anti-liberty "law"- gather your thoughts and respond.  YOU are the reasonable one.  THEY are the one who ought to be ashamed.

So speak up.

Don't cut them off or interrupt.  Let them trap themselves more completely by finishing their thought and letting you know just how deeply their denial runs.  Let them give you more ammo.  Let your silence unnerve them.

Then speak up.

You don't have to say a lot- you certainly don't have to go into a Randian monologue.  Just a well-placed snort can sometimes be enough to let the speaker know that they are pathetic in their love of their enslavement.  That they are a reprehensible coward.  And that you find their enthusiasm for such things disgusting.

And please don't forget.