Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Adventures with "borders"

Two discussions on Facebook (one and two) really illustrated to me the fuzzy thinking of the anti-immigration people.

Those who claim to revere the Constitution are willing to stand in line behind the anti-gun wackjobs to flush it right down the toilet in pursuit of their religion of "borderism".  Or try to read things into it that aren't really there, or stretch the things that are there completely out of shape, in order to reconcile their conflicting beliefs.

More and more I see it as evidence that such a person just really doesn't like "Hispanics" (because that's who they almost always have an issue with), and say their objection is only toward those who don't "go through the legal process" because they haven't yet figured out how to "send back" the others.  They are probably still "working on it".  Maybe I'm being unfair?

Me, I'm not concerned with where a person was born, or what color their skin is, or what language they speak, or which State (or it's employees) claims them.  Or, rejects them, as the case may be.  I only care whether or not a person initiates force or theft, and that they respect private property.

Which brings us back to the "borderists".  They always, eventually, fall back on that tired and silly argument that "illegal aliens" are trespassing on US property, which they then claim is identical to someone just walking into your house.  And they try to connect imaginary dots between individually keeping invaders out of your house and enforcers "protecting the borders".  And they almost always use the statist words of desperation: "don't call the cops to protect your property, then" to those who point out the inconsistency.

In other words, the borderists are fully willing to violate the private property of everyone in order to assert the claim of a State over all land inside its "borders".  How nasty of them.  And how inconsistent.  Their claim invalidates itself before it even gets out of their brain, and they don't see that.

I'm not saying here whether "allowing" open borders is a good thing or not.  I don't want aggressive individuals, thieves, and trespassers living near me regardless of where they were born, or whose permission they have received to be here.  But, really, until I need to use self defense against them, it is none of my business.  I have the absolute right to defend myself and my property from violators of any sort, and anyone who seeks to violate that human right is making themselves my enemy.

I also know it is wrong for any third party to control where people choose to travel or settle down, or to demand a fee for giving permission.


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  1. Would it matter who came across the border--assuming they are honest, peaceful people who are just looking for work and a better life--if we didn't have a Nanny-State that insisted on mis-spending the money extorted from the workers (taxes) by giving it away like is was free?

    If the people coming across the borders couldn't get any "free" government hand-outs, but had to find a job and be like any other citizen already residing here, then who cares?

    But, just for the "borderists", I've written a blog regarding this issue. Satire, anyone?
    http://logicversusemotion.blogspot.com/2009/02/mexicans-why-are-they-here.html (It's not a long blog.)

    There is another issue about borders that could crop up in our lifetimes. Contrary to the global warming/climate change crowd--Al Gore, President Obama, et al--there are several highly competent climate scientists who are saying that a new, full-blown ice age is imminent. If that happens, they say that it could be in full force within 3 to 20 years. That would mean Canada would be snow covered for the whole year and the Canadians would be unable to farm and raise livestock. (The glaciers build slowly, but the snow falls first and remains.) If that happens then we would have 38 million Canadians, and several million more Americans along the northern tier states that would have to move south: A massive crossing of the U.S.-Canada border by millions of "illegal aliens." What are the "borderists" going to do then, shoot them all?