Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ex-cop, still a pig, murders man for texting

Because texting is a capital offense- especially if you upset a cop by doing it.  Anti-"texting and driving" rules just reinforce this behavior in enforcers- and apparently in ex-enforcers, too.  After all, if texting is sometimes justification for escalation of violence, all the way up to and including murder, why not always?

I have seen a few comments along the lines of "once a pig, always a pig"... and in this case it seems to be an accurate observation.  Although, as I have said before, some of the ex-cops I have known make me look like a cop-lover by comparison.

"I can't believe people would bring a gun to a movie," said a witness... yet had the murderous ex-cop still been in uniform, no one would have uttered such stupid words- even had the exact same scenario played out.  It's not about the gun or the location, it's about a lowlife enforcer scum who believed his "right" to not be annoyed was worth more than someone else's life- it's about a cultivated sense of entitlement.  Because such people are out there, you should "bring a gun" everywhere.

Yes, I would be annoyed if someone were loudly texting during a movie (which wasn't even the case here, since the movie was yet to begin), but I have the sense not to murder someone for doing so.

The murdered man's family is lucky the murderer is an ex-cop; if he were a current enforcer the murder would be ruled "officer safety" and "within departmental guidelines", and knowing he would be let off with a short paid vacation, the murderer might just have finished off the wife, too, instead of "only" injuring her and murdering her husband.

I wonder how many more people will choose to blame the tool rather than the murderer or the enforcer culture that created him?



  1. Battelfieldusa has a link to William Norman Grigg. He brings us the news that the murderers of Kelly Thomas were found not guilty by a jury in Commifornia.

  2. The 71 year old ex-cop, who retired 20 years ago! (Still living off the taxpayers' dime I'm sure) could have gone to the management of the theater and complained. But nooooo, he needed to kill someone. Probably hadn't done that for 20 years.

  3. Adding further insult to rampant "peace officer" murder, CNN, ABC and the Associated Press(for starters)have finally mentioned today(for the first time), the murder of Kelly Thomas, now that justice has been done and aquitted the murderers.

    1. Yeah, I'll have something to say about that tomorrow.

  4. How could you piss off someone who was texting in a seat BEHIND you? I've yet to see an explanation for the egregious act of texting out of sight of others.