Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I was wrong: Cops aren't "rabid"

I have often referred to enforcers and other aggressors are "rabid", but I was wrong.

Rabies is always* fatal and incurable.

That doesn't describe the affliction cops and other thugs have.  Nope, they have staties.  

These "statid" individuals are very dangerous, but they are less infectious than it might first appear.  In fact, unless an individual is infected while an infant or a young child, they are probably immune to the disease.  It is very difficult to transmit staties to someone able to think for themselves in a rational and logical manner.

I have also found that staties is curable.  There's not yet a large rate of success, but it does seem to be increasing over time.  I, and a lot of other people, keep searching for the cure.

Thank you for your contributions which help fund the research.  Together, we can find the cure.

*With, I think, two individual exceptions so far.


  1. "...It is very difficult to transmit staties to someone able to think for themselves in a rational and logical manner..."

    But, in order to do that one must see examples and be taught, like I know you're providing for your little girl. Rational and logical thinking do not come naturally -- well, I may have to correct that before I finish the thought: a small child begins to think rationally and logically very early in life. Then adults come along to sully that logic.

    Adults are not as easily taught or enlightened by example, as you are discovering with your editorials in the Clovis paper. But you're gaining -- and staying with the task is important. We grownups have to unlearn years of embedded superstition and indelible tradition in order to think critically.

    I have 25 grandkids -- all precious and loveable. But several have now achieved that irrational and illogical state: adulthood. My 5 year-old Rebekah, to whom I often refer as my resident scientist, has no qualms about blurting, "Grandpa! Your breath stinks!" I can be relatively certain her remark is logical and rational -- and that it would not be a bad idea for me to find the mouthwash.


  2. I neglected to finish my thought in the middle paragraph above: in order for an adult to "unlearn" s/he has to WANT to unlearn. Our primary task is to sell the unlearning process to a bunch of iron-headed old men and women.