Thursday, January 09, 2014

Nostalgia and the future

You can't go back again.

I spent the past couple of days working very hard (harder than it should be due to balky computers) uploading some home movies from 10 to 13 years ago so that they can be preserved.  I hope.

Originally they were on VHS-C tape, then transferred to DVD, and now they are digital and "hidden" away on Youtube.

This means I have gotten a massive dose of the nostalgia drug in my system.  I am not foolish enough to believe I can ever get those times back again, but I do believe I can find a way to create more memories worth feeling nostalgic over 13 years from now, with a mix of "old" and "new" friends.

But, as these things usually do, it got me to thinking.

I have said before that liberty lovers don't seek a return to some imaginary golden past- if you are like me you recognize that all eras have their good and bad points, and only liberty lets you pick those which work for you.

I think liberty can give you and me a future better than any past or present has ever been, and I intend to keep working toward it- sometimes by not working at it at all.  If you know what I mean.

I'll end with a clip that you might enjoy from one of the home movies.

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  1. I like the new Blog look!

    If you're happy (more-or-less) with whom and what you are now, it's fair to remember that it took what it took to get you where you are today. It took a childhood of witnessing and participating in small-town nationalism in south Texas for me to see how and why that thinking leads to statism and tyranny -- and why I reject it so vehemently today. It took Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson, Karl Hess, Harry Browne, Mark Davis and Kent McManigal to bost me over the fence and into anarchy (<=pdf). But each of our ideals and thinking vary from slightly different from to greatly opposed to others, depending upon the topic.

    Nostalgia isn't a bad thing. We remember Mom and Dad and Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary with love and adoration; but we've flown beyond the boundaries of their reverence for "law and order", churchianity, et al. They weren't given the same opportunities to learn and observe and change as we.

    My goal today is to be OK with myself, but open to learn and to change. Sam