Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Misjudging your intended target

I have missed out on some things in the past couple of days. I have some weird thing going on where my computer will not display Facebook, Youtube, or Google and this means I have missed out on most of the firestorm over the Coke commercial.

Apparently, during some widely-televised game, Coke aired an advertisement where some State hymn (reports vary as to which one) was sung in some language(s) other than English (Spanish was mentioned with particular vehemence) and had verses added which were apparently "Islam-friendly". Or something... as I say, I haven't seen the ad and am only going by the garbled and semi-literate rants I have managed to read.

So people are bothered by the fact that a State hymn was sung in other languages, and may or may not have tried to include adherents of various religions in the worship- but not that the hymn was sung at all? Strange critters, these humans.

I don't watch sports of any kind. Never cared for them at all- even manage to hate them when they get rubbed in my face. Neither do I worship States of any sort. The enemy of all humans is coercion and theft- any coercion and theft- and since goons who work for States are the worst offenders (though not the only ones) I hold a particular dislike for those nasty and brutish organizations.

I drink Coke on occasion, although Dr Pepper is my vice of choice. I have found their advertisements to be amusing in the past- although not all were to my taste. I understand they were trying to reach out to the State worshipers with State hymns, but to do it in "other languages" when those State worshipers are going through a phase (which has outlasted its humorous life by several years) wherein they hate and despise anyone not a Red-Blooded "American" (by which they mean a USAcan who speaks only American English in the popular way, waves the federal flag, cheers the invasion of other places- and the murders of the defenders- around the globe by federal troops, and wants the borders to protect him from "those people") probably was a bad call- they didn't understand their target demographic at all.

It's like trying to speak to anarchists by telling us voting is our patriotic duty.

Or, maybe I'm missing the whole point by being somewhat out of touch due to my computer's whimsical behavior.

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  1. Kent,

    I was listening to right-wing hate radio yesterday, and the hate-and-discontent spewer played the ad. The song was "America The Beautiful," sung with half-a-dozen languages. Because that is an "American" song, the guy was very butt-hurt.

    Whenever I read a blogger that seems to have his head on straight, it always pains me to see things like this from Denninger:


    1. I had seen some people referring to the sung song as "the National Anthem" and some saying it was "America, the Beautiful", so I'm glad a smart person actually set the record straight for me. LOL. Isn't it funny that those offended don't even know the difference?

      America IS beautiful. And so is just about every other place in the Universe in some way. So, I shouldn't be allowed to sing the praises of Morocco unless I do it in Arabic? And why does it make a difference if the words are sung instead of spoken? I shouldn't talk about France unless I do it in French? What's the "official language" of the Milky Way, in case I want to sing of the night sky?

      If I want to let people know how wonderful I believe something is, and I have the opportunity to present my case in a language they might actually understand, why wouldn't I? Statists are just insane.

      The uniquely beautiful thing about America wasn't the "amber waves of grain", it was the liberty that was supposed to get a shot here. The statists have been enthusiastically stomping that out for a couple hundred years now.

      I have heard Denninger's name, but have no clue who he is. But, reading those posts of his, I am pretty sure he isn't worth knowing. His ancestors came here "legally" because it was easier then- or because there was no "legal" barrier to entry. Doing something the "legal" way is not a virtue.

    2. I wonder how many folks actually recognize the difference between the U.S. gov't and America. - Paul K. Brubaker, Sr.

  2. I think it has to do with promoting multi-culturalism and subtly doing away with the predominant American culture, which leftists have been doing since the early 1960's. I stumbled onto the ad while I was on Youtube. I just shook my head and ignored it.

    1. If the "predominant American culture" is the culture responsible for the "Civil War" [sic], Social Security, the income tax, cop worship, the Pledge of Allegiance, US troops invading most of the planet, etc. then there's nothing worth saving.

      It's all about liberty. Thomas Jefferson's "Rightful Liberty". That hasn't been a popular thing in "predominant American culture" for a couple hundred years, at least. It's not the fault of "the leftists", it's the fault of statists of every stripe. "Conservatives" are equally to blame. They gave the "left" the justification for the destructions of liberty they are guilty of promoting. Liberty is anathema to statists, even though they say the word, pretend to understand it, and say they love it. It doesn't know them.

      No, I don't embrace "multi-culturalism". I believe in "live and let live". If you want to keep some of your family's traditions from "the Old Country", go ahead. I might even join you if it looks fun. Just don't try to stop me from keeping my own traditions, especially not with your "laws". Funny thing is, that looks like "mult-culturalism" to people who are "nationalists" and worship The State. The problem isn't the traditions or changing them; the problem is making up State rules to force everyone to go along.

  3. The marketing department at Coca-Cola is savvy. My guess is that in an advertising committee meeting months ago, the potential to bring out anger was mentioned. From there they assigned some guys to do the arithmetic - Customer Gain vs. Customer Loss. Gain won.

  4. I think it's crazy that Americans fuss about English being the "official" language when they don't speak English, they speak American.

  5. I watched the game. I saw the comercial and it made me cry. We are a beautiful country made of many diverse people, languages, cultures and sights. Last time I checked... the only native people to America the beautiful ravaged and killed the natives to steal their land. We have to move forward with positive changes. Regardless! Why spend time getting upset over an advertisement?