Thursday, March 13, 2014

Breaking Bad? Breaking Best!

I have never watched an episode of "Breaking Bad"- it's just not the kind of thing that interests me. I have no problem with someone making meth- I do have a problem with someone using aggression to ... well, do anything.

From what I have heard, the term "breaking bad" means that at some point, a person will have a choice to go either "good" or bad" and some may fall- "break"- to the bad side, which becomes self-perpetuating and leads somewhere you might not have expected. Like a teacher becoming a meth kingpin.

I guess there are many things like that in life, points where a small, seemingly insignificant choice will tip the scales either to the right side or the wrong side.

When you find yourself at those points, I hope you "break good"- to the libertarian side. And, even more than that, I hope all those small choices add up to you "Breaking Best"- anarchist!



  1. Francisco d'Anconia broke good.
    Luring in statists to be statists, to be destroyed by their own aggression and desire to steal.

    Conneticut is a d'Anconia trap for statists, whose aggression pulls them in, to do what they do- and which will destroy the very foundation of what they desire.

    1. It's kinda fun to watch that slow-motion train wreck in CT. I hope only State employees suffer any justice.

  2. Breaking Bad? Becoming a LEO. Watch this video and read the article:

  3. Actually, I can recommend "Breaking Bad", although it is not for everyone. (It irritated my wife.) It's pretty amusing in a weird, Twilight Zone sort of way. I don't know how to describe it. The thought of one of my old, square chemistry teachers cooking up top quality meth just makes me laugh. BTW all sides come out looking dirty, including the DEA, so it is not the usual cop-worshiping propaganda.