Monday, March 03, 2014


Which is more caring: to give a needy person stolen goods, or to remove the obstacles which are keeping them in need?

Even if they are happy that you gave them the stolen goods, or even if you give them a gift of something you got honestly, it's a temporary fix. The same old obstacles will still be there, preventing them from taking care of themselves.

I realize most people manage to do OK even with the obstacles- and the State parasites prosper specifically because of the obstacles they impose against everyone else- but for people on the margins those obstacles can be just enough to keep them from making it on their own. And the margins are growing.

Charity is great, and sometimes the need is so immediate there is no other way to get the help to where it is needed fast enough, but if you have the ability to remove some obstacle, or at least stop propping it up with your acquiescence- or show a person a way around it which doesn't result in them sitting in a cage- doing so is the best kind of charity there is. That will keep on paying off over time, and will benefit everyone.

I happen to think a great way of removing those obstacles is to stop propping up the state with borrowed legitimacy. Stop acting as though its "laws" are necessary, and those who "break" them are bad. Stop asking permission to do what you have a right to do. Stop complying- at least when there isn't a gun pointed at your head. Stop speaking of the State, its employees, and its "laws" as though they have any claim on your life, liberty, property, or time. Point and laugh at the anti-liberty bigots and control freaks every time you notice them- and stop noticing out of habit. Don't bother flipping off cops sitting in wait to rob unsuspecting travelers- that keeps them in your mind. Take note to avoid, and forget. Oh, and flash your headlights at the oncoming cars.

Yeah, I know some of these things may be somewhat contradictory. That's because there is no "only way" to stop helping the State hurt others.

The end of the State's false authority would mean people can take care of themselves without worrying about artificial obstacles- the real, natural obstacles are often bad enough. What would you be doing today if there were no State preventing you by threat of death; only the consequences of violating Natural Law and Rightful Liberty? I think I'd be taking people on survival walks, letting them learn simple techniques for making life better with primitive methods in a relaxed setting without pressure (I had a friend who made a lot of money doing this until The State shut him down to sell his "license" to someone "better connected"). Or, maybe I'd be selling guns out of my living room.

I think just about everyone would be doing better under liberty. (Other than those who can't survive honestly and have always relied on the State- either for welfare or "jobs".)

And then, when there is still a need, do what you can to help.



  1. Your obviously a rich white man.
    Yea, I got mine and to hell with the poor, right??

    1. Anonymous, no offense but I don't think you got the gist of this post. The best way to help anyone poor including non-whites is for the state to get out of the way and let people freely trade and and create to be able to provide for themselves.

    2. I'm "white" (if that's really a thing) and I am a man. Am I rich? Sure, why not?

      I'm so rich I have to beg for donations on a regular basis so I can keep my ultra-cheap Virgin Mobile phone going, and pay to keep my website online, and have some money for little "incidentals" that come up.

      I'm so rich I haven't had a car in over 2 years because I can't afford to get mine fixed.

      I'm so rich I buy all my shirts from the Salvation Army- or did until the local store closed. Now I'll have to pay inflated Goodwill prices.

      Actually, I am rich because I am able to see past the statist BS people such as this Anonymous poster spout, and money can't buy that.

  2. Anon -

    Your comment is prrof it takes little to be an ignoramus (look up the word, if you can get "Google" in your URL . . .

    Kent - you nailed it - "stop complying."

    Pax - jb