Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Conservatives and Progressives are right

Conservatives (real conservatives, not neocons) are right about something- there are things in our society and culture which should be conserved. Worship of the military and police, and prohibition are not examples of those things.

Progressives (who used to be called "liberals", but never lived up to the label) are right about something, too- there are many ways in which "society" is in desperate need of some progress. However, violating liberty just because you are afraid of regular people owning and carrying guns is the opposite of progress. As is thinking it is "generous" to give away other people's property, and making up "special rules" by which some people are given "extra rights" that place imaginary obligations on others.

If both of those sides could get past some of their misguided delusions, they could contribute so much to life.



  1. The worst part is that when either "side" says something right, they usually say it for the utterly wrong reasons. Facepalm.


  2. Both sides also attempt to use the coercive power of the state to enforce their "good ideas" on others against their will.

    Good ideas do not require violence to enact them, people will follow from example.

  3. Conservatives vs Liberals

    Conservatives say government cannot end poverty by force, but they believe government can use force and threats of violence to make people moral.

    Liberals say government cannot make people moral, but they believe government can use force and threats of violence to end poverty (redistribute wealth).

    Neither group attempts to explain why government is so clumsy and destructive in one area but a paragon of efficiency and benevolence in the other.

    ~Harry Browne
    Liberty A-Z p 35

    1. As a so called "conservative" I have never thought the government can force anybody to be "moral". But I do believe they can and should protect innocent life when threatened with disorderly/aggressive behavior.

      Forcing people to be "moral" is not the motive I see, as that would be a farce.

      I would never claim government was a "paragon of efficiency" at any level either. But they do have capabilities I do not have. E.g. national defense.

    2. Sadly, what passes for "national defense" actually makes individuals living in America less safe. When you have a military presence in most countries in the world, and are just about universally hated for meddling, interfering, destroying, maiming, and killing, you become the best recruiter for those who hate you enough to give their lives in an attempt to hit you where it hurts. Unfortunately those people mistake the people who live in America for the thugs of the US government. I am not aligned or a supporter of the US government in any way- but I am also not a supporter of anyone who attacks the innocent or damages private property. Want to go after government employees and property stolen from the rightful owners by those employees? Have at it. I won't condemn you for that, since that isn't initiating force, nor is it theft.