Monday, April 28, 2014

Fire all cops- and don't "replace them" with anything

If it is wrong for you to do, it is wrong for a cop to do. If it's OK for a cop to do, it's OK for you to do. It really is that simple.

Police have no special morality or ethics. In fact, most have none of any sort. And cops were never intended to have any special "authority" over you or me.

If it's OK for a cop to murder you because he is frightened and believes you might have a gun, it is OK for you to do the same to him. If it would be wrong for you to commit this murder, it is wrong for a cop to commit the murder under the same circumstances.

If it's OK for some people to stop drivers and rob them at gunpoint because they were going "too fast" according to some completely arbitrary rule, it is OK for everyone to do the same. If being a thuggish highwayman is not within your rights, it is wrong for a cop to do it.

If it's OK for a cop to carry a gun into a school or in a place that has a "no guns" sign, then it is OK for anyone else to do it. If it would be wrong for you to ignore that sign, it is wrong for a cop to boldly expect to be the exception to the rule.

If it is OK for a cop to set up a fake social media profile and entrap people into doing things that will lead to being kidnapped and molested, it is OK for anyone else to do the same. If lying and entrapping someone would be wrong of me, then it's wrong of a cop.

Cops have no special "authority"; they are just like garbage collectors in that they were hired to do a job anyone has the right to do, but most might rather not. But garbage collectors have mostly stayed honorable and helpful. Cops have most assuredly not! The fact they have grown beyond the original selling point to become the greatest burden- and threat- to society is all the reason anyone needs to call for them to all be fired.

No one "needs" cops.



  1. Did you get that tree removed? It looks like you have to do some rebuilding, which really sucks.

    1. The tree is cut up and piled over to the side. I'll add a couple of pictures of the aftermath to that post.
      Yes, rebuilding will suck.

    2. But, without government, who will manage the trees?

  2. It's no surprise that whenever I say something along the lines of "abolish govt police" or "abolish Sovereign Immunity", someone will jump in with "Yeah, but you'll be calling one as soon as you need one, you hypocrite."

    No, I won't. There are a few legally required times to notify the police, and those are it. Yet these people who accuse me of hypocrisy do so because they cannot imagine a world where security and investigative services are privately provided.

    That is their handicap, not mine.

    1. As I have pointed out to many of the people who make that claim to me- there is no situation so bad it can't be made much worse by adding a cop. Look how many times people call cops, who show up and shoot (or beat) the person who called (or an innocent loved-one). Not worth the risk.

  3. The police are actually the "domestic army" of government. They are also increasingly armed much as regular military would be armed. Body armor, helmets, selective fire carbines, even armored vehicles in some cases.