Monday, May 05, 2014

“Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom”

I admit I haven't watched this video. I may later.

I don't quite believe Ron Paul is the guru of liberty that some seem to see him as, but I do think he's better than just about anyone else who has been a part of Leviathan. How much better could he have been if he had stayed out of that gang and spent his energies in more constructive ways? I don't know, since maybe no one would have ever listened to him in that case.

Still I have often enjoyed what he had to say, even if I rolled my eyes when some statism was clinging to what he said.

Anyway, here's the video: “Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom”



  1. Kent,

    A politician blathering on for an hour-and-a-half about how to "fix" the government? I don't have time. If there are any salient points to be gleaned, I'd much rather read your take on them. I think it's a great sadness that most people seem to prefer the spoken word to the written.


    1. Yeah, I doubt I'll find time to watch it anytime soon. I have lots of "yardwork" to do- cutting up a broken tree, for example. I have an aversion to long videos, too. I know RP has introduced a lot of people to the concepts of liberty, and that's a good thing, but he's baby formula. Time for some meat.