Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Politicians useless, irrelevant

Politicians useless, irrelevant

(My Clovis News Journal column for May 23, 2014. I can actually say the headline which was written for this one is much more harsh than the tone of my column was intended to be.)

Many people are terribly obsessed over what a tiny minority of rather unimportant and silly people are doing. It would be funny if it didn't waste so much life. So much time and space is taken up by the news media discussing them, and so much time is spent by individuals debating which one is best, which one is worst, who they like and who they hate, and who did what to whom.

No, I'm not talking about Miley, Kanye, or the cosmetically altered Star Trek aliens (oh, wait, that's Kardashian, not Cardassian), although those celebrities are silly and unimportant too. The unimportant people I speak of are politicians. Yet serious people laugh at those who are consumed with celebrities while acting as though those who follow the political realm are more high-minded. It's two sides of the same corroded zinc penny.

I understand why people pay attention to politicians. Somehow things have gotten twisted around upside down and backward so any ill-advised notion which gets into a politician's head can wind up written down somewhere and enforced as though it were law- but nothing which violates human liberty can ever be a real law. Of those real laws, there are only three: don't use force against someone who didn't strike first; don't violate other people's property; do what you say you'll do. Anything else can't be a law, but only a made up rule. It's "mala prohibitum"- which means the prohibited action or thing is not wrong, it's just illegal.

I suppose this unearned power is why people hang on every word politicians utter, and why they pay attention to the ridiculous things they do.

You don't need politicians- they need you. If you stop paying attention to them, stop letting them shrink the boundaries of your life with their silly law tantrums, and start living your Rightful Liberty to its fullest- just as the founders of America intended- you'll quickly see how irrelevant they truly are.

When enough people stop consenting and stop complying, the support will be pulled out from under their feet and the politicians will tumble right over the cliff, like a giant statue topples when the sand supporting its foundation sifts away. This is why they work so hard to fool you into believing they are important to your life and without them society would collapse. If you ever see through the lie you'll have taken away every last scrap of their power.

One of my fondest wishes for you is that you'll eventually see them for what they really are, and in that moment, take back your authority over your life.

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  1. Harsh? Hell, considering the adjectives I would use, they're being quite generous.
    Excellent and inspiring piece.