Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The price of being correct

It's a shame there has to be a price for being right when "the majority" is wrong. But, there is, so...

Since that's the case, I would rather be shunned for being right, than to be accepted for being wrong along with "the majority".

Of course, there are worse things. Worst of all is to be shunned for being wrong when "the crowd" is actually right, and being too stubborn to see it. I've probably been there, too.



  1. Okay, so the video was a good Libertarian message, but I found it interesting, and a little strange, that they had Pocahontas giving a lesson on Libertarianism to Albert Einstein. Also, that the animated characters were made to look like puppets.

    Also, Kent, here's a story about another thug/police lying after causing an accident and seriously injuring someone. http://reason.com/blog/2014/05/05/cop-t-bones-passing-car-driver-charged-w

    1. "They" is me. LOL
      I made the video using Xtranormal (I think they went "out of business"). I just picked characters I liked, not necessarily because they were appropriate to the message or anything. And, I thought they looked like Lego toys more than puppets. In some of the other videos, I used different types of characters. You might watch some of the others.

      That story pissed me off! Thanks. Just when I think "Law Imposement" can't get any worse...